Skills for a Grand Future

Learn concepts and tools to make your mark on humanity’s trajectory.

Program Details

Choose one of the world's most pressing problems

Weeks 1-3

Connect your project to your long-term goals

Week 4

Find & test an effective solution

Weeks 5-8

Week 1

Clarify your mission

Answer big picture questions about what you deeply care about to help you narrow down what problems you want to solve.

Week 2

Generate and refine your list of pressing problems

Determine which problems are most worthy of being your life’s work (or at least the target of your next project).

Week 3

Your plan to have a fulfilling, impactful career

Clarify your long-term direction, so you can choose an impactful project that best sets you up.

Week 4

Research and develop your ideas

Generate and refine your list of projects solving the most pressing problems


Week 5

Make a plan to test your idea

Work out your next steps so you can get feedback and test your idea

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Ages 14-20, worldwide
Jul 10-Sep 2, 2023
$30,000 in Funding
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