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Expert guidance, funding, and a world-class community to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

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The Non-Trivial Fellowship enables talented young people to tackle crucial social issues.

If you're accepted, you'll join an 8-week online program, with expert guidance to get you making a difference right away.

You’ll also:
Join a dedicated community and develop meaningful friendships for life
• Receive a $500 scholarship and will be eligible for $30,000 in funding
Get access to 1:1 advice to help you solve your biggest challenges
Learn key concepts you need to work out how you can make the biggest difference


Young people who are aged 14-20 and haven’t started university by the start of the fellowship (Oct 30, 2023).
You can apply no matter where you are in the world.


We’ll be operating across all timezones. You’ll work with your project group and conduct your 1:1 meetings at a time convenient to you. The program is flexibly structured so that you can complete your independent learning at your own pace.

Key Dates

Deadline to apply: October 8, 2023
Program dates: October 30 - December 22, 2023

Start Making A Tangible Change

At age 18, Mary Shelley started writing Frankenstein. Shelley and other prodigies shared a common trait: rather than waiting for permission, they took action. In our intensive 8-week online program, you won’t just think about the world’s problems – you’ll get expert guidance to create an effective solution. Our curriculum provides a foundation to help you identify critical issues, set long-term career goals, and develop innovative, effective solutions.

Note: you’ll be given the chance to work on impactful projects, but we cannot guarantee that you will have an impact. That’s down to you! 

Achieve something you're truly proud of

“Together with my group, we have worked on and started a project which will aid malnourishment and feed the world in a time of crisis- had I told this to me in 2022, I would never have believed it, as it did not seem within reach at all.”

Photo of Diana
Diana, future Zoology with Conservation student


Regularly make progress on your project by working together.

1:1 advice

Get support from peers and mentors on what you’re struggling with.

Demo day

Pitch your project and get up to $15,000 to support your next steps.

Solve real global issues, together

“Everyone was incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and driven in their respective fields, and it was truly inspiring to be surrounded by such motivated individuals.”

Photo of Dhruv
Dhruv, future Economics, Finance and Data Science student

Join A World-class Community

Fellows will be selected through a competitive process and join a global community of committed peers and alumni. You will then be matched in a project group of fellows from a similar background, and will be paired every week with a new member who shares your interests. The fellows in your cohort and our alumni community will, we hope, go on to become your friends, advisors, collaborators, and co-founders.

Paired 1:1s

Get matched for a call with another fellow and work out how you could help each other accomplish your goals.

Cohort events

Change your and others’ minds in an anti-debate, challenge your forecasting skills in an estimation game, or relax with other fellows for a casual social event in the happy hour.

Discord discussions

Join a regularly active Discord to get support for whatever you’re struggling with or discuss topics you’re interested in.

Harness Powerful Ideas for a Better World

Fellows work through a curated curriculum of relevant resources to learn advanced concepts from academic philosophy, economics, mathematics, and more. Weekly worksheets help you clarify your plans and next steps for starting the most impactful project.

Set your own pace: fit the work around your other commitments and complete the worksheets and curriculum at a time convenient to you.

Chart your course to a flourishing future

“The Non-Trivial Fellowship is definitely the most useful thing I have done all year… I liked the worksheets because I feel as if I have learnt so much about new topics like effective altruism, philosophical schools of thought and AI. Now, I have a clear goal to work on AI and policy making and this is all down to Non-Trivial.”

Photo of Elo
Elo, future Computer Science and Philosophy student


A guided step-by-step process to help you plan your project and develop your idea.


Learn in your own time about the week's topics to help you with your project.

Project groups

Meet with other fellows who share your interest and help each other with your projects.

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Change the World

Apply by January 21st to join a world-class cohort.

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Ages 14-20, worldwide
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