$500 Scholarships for Dedicated High School Students

Get expert guidance and up to $15,000 for your project tackling the world’s most pressing problems.

Scholarship Details

The Non-Trivial Fellowship awards $500 scholarships to exceptional high school students to start an impactful research, policy, or entrepreneurial project. Previous scholarship recipients have started projects to make artificial intelligence safe, reduce nuclear threats, and prevent pandemics. It's time to put your ideas into action too.


The Non-Trivial Fellowship provides scholarships, expert support, and connections to help ambitious high school students start tackling humanity's biggest challenges.

All fellows receive a $500 scholarship, and those with the most impactful projects can get up to $15,000 in additional funding ($30,000 total).


Applications are open to high schoolers and any young people aged 14-20 and who haven’t started university by the start of the fellowship (Oct 30, 2023). No standardised test scores are required. You can apply no matter where you are in the world.


The fellowship operates across all timezones. You’ll work with your project group and conduct your 1:1 meetings at a time convenient to you. The program is flexibly structured so that you can complete your independent learning at your own pace.

Key Dates

Deadline to apply: October 8, 2023
Program dates: October 30 - December 22, 2023

Get Up To $15,000 For Your Project

FIRST PRIZE IS $15,000; SECOND PRIZE (2X) IS $5,000; THIRD PRIZE (5X) IS $1,000.

Develop your project idea over 8 weeks with expert guidance and present in the last week at Demo Day. The projects with the best chance at changing the world will receive up to $15,000 in funding ($30,000 in funding total). All fellows receive a $500 scholarship.

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“The Non-Trivial Fellowship is definitely the most useful thing I have done all year…”

Photo of Elo
Elo, future Computer Science and Philosophy student

The Non-trivial Fellowship helps teenagers tackle real global issues.

Whether you want to advocate for policy changes, build new technologies, or conduct groundbreaking research, the Non-Trivial Fellowship gives high-achieving high school students the framework and funding to start making a big difference. You’ll learn while creating the building blocks for your own impactful project.

“The lessons learned through my collaboration and research with Non-Trivial will stay with me for many years to come.”

Maanit, 17 (USA), future Computer Science undergraduate student

Non-Trivial alumni have been accepted to

“It’s so awesome to find a place where young people who are very invested and knowledgeable in totally different subject areas —from philosophy to economics to computer science—are brought together!”

Headshot of Nora, a previous scholarship recipient.
Nora, 18 (USA), Prospective Ethics, Politics, and Economics Major

Join A World-class Community

Fellows will be selected through a competitive process and join a global community of committed peers and alumni. You will have the opportunity to meet dedicated peers who can help take your ideas to the next level and build lifelong friendships through late-night talks, games, and calls.

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Apply by October 8th to join a world-class cohort.

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$500 scholarship
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Ages 14-20, worldwide
Oct 30-DEC 22, 2023
$30,000 in Funding
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